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Gabrielle Landi

Falling For Her Client - Ebook

Falling For Her Client - Ebook

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Hiring the girl of his dreams was supposed to bring them together, but she has a rule: no dating the clients.

After her last disastrous relationship, Kaitlyn Palmer has given up on love. She's ready to focus on growing her photography business and discovering herself, even if it’s hard to ignore the jealousy that creeps in during every romantic photo session.

Cody Nolan had put love on the backburner for years, but he’s finally ready to settle down. When he attends a charity fundraiser as a favor and wins a picnic basket date with Kaitlyn, he thinks she's smart, driven, and drop-dead gorgeous too. She's everything he's been searching for and more–and to make things even better, his hint-dropping mother will absolutely love her.

When their first interaction ends awkwardly, hiring Kaitlyn for brand photography seems like the perfect excuse to see her again until he discovers that she has one rule: no dating the clients. Now, Cody has to dig deep to convince Kaitlyn he’s worthy of a chance to prove he’s better than the other men who’ve hurt her.


❤️ He Falls First

❤️ Cinnamon Roll Hero

❤️ Jaded Heroine

Content Warnings:

  • Contains alcohol.


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About The Author

Gabrielle Landi lives in Southern Indiana with her husband and children and has a soft spot for every stray cat that ends up on her front porch. When she’s not writing, she spends her time chasing children, wishing there was more coffee, and eating chocolate like it’s her job. If she had to write her own love story in tropes, it would include second chance romance and a secret relationship, and would be entirely unbelievable.

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    "I can already tell this is one of those books I’ll be rereading."
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    "I read this book in a day. The plot kept me hooked and wanting more."
    - Marsha

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    "This book was such a fun read. I love the romance & innocence it portrays."
    - Shelby

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    "It's super cute! Oh, and the meet cute is the meet cute of all meet cutes lol."
    - Angela